Self-healing for the Creative Millennial.


No matter where you are in your journey of self-actualization, welcome.

EXISTT SOUL CENTRE is a manifestation of my passion for personal development and the expansion of consciousness through the mind, spirit & body connection. 

I believe living a purpose-driven life is the most important key to finding true happiness and it is my hope that every Soul can experience a journey of realization by reconnecting with the inner-self and embracing authenticity.  

Let’s begin an adventure! 

-Nik Murillo

Founder & Certified Purpose Coach



One-on-one Purpose & Manifestation Coaching

Tap into your infinite source of potential, discover your true purpose and begin to carve out the life your soul is destined for! 

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Workshops & Masterclasses

Our group offerings will connect you with local and instructors, mentors and transformational healers all passionate about self-growth and spiritual connection.

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“I was fortunate to gain early access to a coaching session with Nik and I gained so much from our hour together. Nik sparked a lot of ideas for me in terms of reflecting on my beliefs about myself, and how those beliefs may be affecting my ability to manifest my future. The session was structured, but free-flowing in that Nik did not give me any answers, instead prompting me to dig deeper and refine my ideas. He is an excellent guide and in one session I feel that I've made progress in determining my true purpose. I am so looking forward to future sessions with him and highly recommend his services to any one who, like me, has been struggling with envisioning a path forward through this pandemic.”

Kiah - Ottawa, ON

“Nik is an authentic soul who approaches life with wonder and joy. Everything he does comes from the heart. His curiosities lead him to seek the most out of life, which is something he encourages in others as well. He will inspire you with his infectious spirit!

Léa - Toronto, ON

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